Warren Clark

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Warren talks about the challenges he faces as a young golfer with autism and learning disabilities. Remarkably through his own charity, Warren has introduced a staggering 5000 people to golf. He’s also a qualified S.N.A.G (Starting New at Golf) coach and an ambassador for the Arctic One Foundation and the Golf Foundation and HSBC Golf Roots

Listen to EDGA’s Tony Bennett chatting with Warren Clark

Pierjean Frison

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Pierjean talks about his early military career as a fighter pilot leading up to his current work as an anchor with French TV station France-3.  In his interview, Pierjean also talks about the accident that impacted his life and his passion for golf.  

Listen to EDGA’s Tony Bennett chatting with Pierjean Frison


José Bagnarelli

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José talks about his life before and after his motorcycle accident and how he spent most of his working career with radio and TV and how golf has impacted his life.

Listen to EDGA’s Tony Bennett chatting with José Bagnarelli


Mike Gays

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Mike explains how he had got involved in many sports and found that Golf was right for him. He talks about losing count of the number of surgeries that he has had and that his mantra is simply “that you just have to get through things”.

Listen to EDGA’s Tony Bennett chatting with Mike Gays


Mike Jones

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From a traumatic accident that could have killed him to walking again and winning golf tournaments, Mike Jones’s story is intrinsically linked with the sport he loves.

“Golf saved my life”, is not a line you hear every day. Listen to EDGA’s Tony Bennett chatting with Mike Jones


Sebas Lorente

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In this interview, golfer Sebas Lorente tells us how he transitioned to play golf again after his accident. One of the most popular players on the EDGA tour, Sebas reveals that his motivation was to play golf with his son and tells us that the community he had at the golf club where he was a member, really helped him to re-socialise. His advice for those who do not play is to give the game a try.

Charles-Henri Quélin

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In this interview, Charles Henri Quélin tells us how he started to play, some of his highlights playing golf at a high level, how he enjoys playing in tournaments for golfers with disability and shares his advice for people with impairment wishing to start playing golf.



Cedric Lescut

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In this interview with EDGA’s Tony Bennett, Cedric tells us how he came back to golf after losing his right leg in a motor cycle accident. He reveals the changes that he made, especially mentally, how he gives clinics to kids and helps them to get their life in perspective and shares his passion for all people to start playing golf regardless of their disability.


Pierre Dumas

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In this interview for, Pierre tells us how he started playing golf, the emotional experience of playing with the French team and how he became so enthusiastic about golf that he eventually decided to write a book.