tough love and second chances

18 personal accounts of players with a disability, competing in the game of golf. Every story demonstrates how the power of the human spirit can move people to achieve their goals despite significant obstacles


Monique Kalkman

Monique found that using a paragolfer was ideal for her fitness and for her neck injury, as she could play from a standing position. Her patience in gradually developing her golf game with her coach seems remarkable: “It’s like building a house,” she’ll say.

At first she tried to swing instinctively with two arms against the coaching advice but soon found that a paragolfer suits a one-handed swing for mobility and rhythm, and today she belts a golf ball with her right arm with the same conviction as she used to belt that tennis ball against the wall.


Mike Rolls

“I don’t know if I would be the same person that I am today without golf”

To see Mike now, he looks ‘fit as a flea’. Regular gym work and plenty of golf while the resilience and mental strength he built up from his hospital bed appears to have become a powerful resource; something he is now keen to share with others through his public speaking, particularly with young people and anyone who has a disability, while his mental approach and thoughts on this process of building resilience is gaining interest among professionals in the business field.



"making a real difference"

We at The European Tour are immensely proud of our ongoing relationship with EDGA. Their team is making a real difference in the lives of those individuals with disabilities who choose the game of golf as their sporting endeavour.

Keith Pelley
CEO The European Tour

The EDGA “Give & Gift” campaign

For every donation of 25€ or more, we will GIVE a book to a hospital, rehabilitation/medical centre, or organisation to ensure that anyone who needs a lift, is able to read the inspiring words of MULLIGAN. As a token of our appreciation, we will GIFT another book, for you to keep and enjoy. 

Our Partners

EDGA has worked to develop key partnerships with some of the worlds top names in golf and we continue to work to grow these relationships

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