Media Copyright Conditions

The use of EDGA media by a third party

EDGA is a ‘not-for-profit’ voluntary organisation and in order to grow and provide the best service to our members, we need to use every opportunity to ‘spread the word’. We already have an amazing selection of media and believe it’s only fair to ask for recognition for its use.

We only ask for recognition

You may therefore use any media displayed on our EDGA website, Facebook Page, our YouTube Channel, at any event or within any publication providing the following conditions are applied:

a. You must publish an acknowledgement to EDGA and the creator of the media (if known) wherever it’s used.

b. The media must not be associated with any product or service that could harm or discredit EDGA or the people displayed on the media.

c. You are allowed to use the media for almost any business, personal, educational or charitable purpose and can be used anywhere in the world, as many times as you need and for as long as you want.

How to word the acknowledgement

When publishing an acknowledgement you must include our name in full The European Disabled Golf Association, our website and the name of the media contributor (if known) such as the photographers name for example. If we know the name of the media contributor, we will try to include it on the media or within the accompanying text.

The font used should not be smaller than 7 point and format should be as follows:

[Image, Video, Audio] courtesy of [name of the image creator]+[for] The European Disabled Golf Association,

Where to put the acknowledgement

Where you place the acknowledgement will vary according to the way you are using the media. Here are some common examples of how our media is used and where the acknowledgement should be positioned for each one:


The acknowledgement should be published somewhere on the page that our media appears on.


(Example profile pictures, cover pictures, status updates).
Include the acknowledgement in the text accompanying the media or actually on the media.


(Example profile pictures, background pictures).
Tweet an acknowledgement with our website address

Printed media

Publish the acknowledgement adjacent or below the image every time it’s used.

DVD, Blu-ray, CD and digital music covers

For Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs, place the acknowledgement on the front, rear or inside cover. Where the cover is digital (eg mp3) you should add the acknowledgement to the image using image editing software.

Book or eBook covers

Place the acknowledgement adjacent to the image or in a list of image acknowledgements.

Television broadcasts

Include the acknowledgement within the opening or closing credits of the broadcast.

Films (including YouTube and Vimeo)

Add the acknowledgement to the opening or closing credits of the film, or within the text description of the video.

Software, smartphone applications and video games

Include the acknowledgement in the ‘About’ screen or a similar location.


Add the acknowledgement somewhere within the email.

School or college projects

Place the acknowledgement adjacent to the image or in a list of references.

PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and other end-user applications

Show the acknowledgement adjacent to the image or in a list of references.

Please Note: Where you are using the image for a purpose not listed above please ensure that you position the acknowledgement appropriately, in-line with the spirit of our requirements above.

Additional copyright information can be obtained in the following publication
Copyright Notice: digital images, photographs and the internet