EDGA- Eagle is back

After a couple of months of reflection and preparation, the EDGA Eagle has taken back to the skies. Lots has happened since the turn of year, most of which is background work that is anything but exciting, but never the less important.

There are lots of quotes that promote the importance of preparation, one such famous line states, “Time spent in sharpening the axe, may well save time in swinging it” and my personal favourite is, “Preparation is the Mother of Skill”.

We know quite a few players have been hard at work preparing for the season and it has been a pleasure to see a few of them in the Algarve over the winter. Over the next months we will be able to see the fruits of their work and likewise I hope that you will be able to experience and see the results of the EDGA teams efforts to fulfil our three core objectives:

– To raise awareness of golf for the disabled.
– To increase opportunities for individuals with impairment to try and consider golf as a viable sporting option.
– To help golf become a Paralympic sport.

Until next time.

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