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On the 16th of March EDGA officially announced the second stage of the EDGA Ranking System. The process started in 2014, when discussions with the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) started, and in 2015 we implemented the Ranking for all EDGA events. From the 11th of April the Ranking will be expanded to accept scores from eligible players in Federation approved events.

An email letter went to the members, the National Governing Bodies, which explained the adjustments You can read more about the expansion of the Ranking at this link.

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    1. Hi Roger

      It is normal for every organisation to have their own order of merit. Typically these order of merits (OoM) last for one year, and normally have rules which limit the number of events that can be considered for the OoM. So effectively, if an organisation has ten tournaments and someone plays in all, they will only be allowed to count some of the events, for example three or four. If a player is allowed to keep all ten scores, then the OoM will normally be won by the player that competes the most and not always by the best player. It is also not normal for an organisation to take scores from events that are not their own. So the winner could be considered to be the best player in their organisation but not the best player in a wider group.

      The EDGA Ranking works in a similar way to the World Amateur Golf Ranking, in that players earn points on their performance each and every round. The points they earn are divided by a divisor and so is fair for any player who competes in at least six rounds over a two years period. Also with this newly announced expansion we can accept scores from events that are not EDGA tournaments. This means that a player who is performing well, even if he/she does not play in an EDGA event can still be considered and even lead the Ranking. Not only this but performance is on a rolling 104 week cycle and so it is fair to say that a player who leads the Ranking will be the best player in Europe and eventually the best player in the World.

      Hope that clarifies it for you.



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