Online Entry Forms now available

Early in the 2015 season, we committed to developing an online tournament entry system to simplify the process for both player and organisers. We are delighted to announce that the first version of this form is now fully operational and currently being used for The EDGA Algarve Open.

The next stage of the development will be to fully integrate this with the existing player database and provide a FastTrack to the classifications process for non EDGA pass holders. When completed, the benefits of this system will also be available to organisers of all EDGA Badged tournaments.

IGF impressed by the work of EDGA



A statement from the International Golf Federation reads well for EDGA, as it recognises the work being done by the association.

“The International Golf Federation has been fully informed of the progressive steps that the European Disabled Golf Association have been taking. We are very impressed with the work that is being done to engage the recognised National Governing Bodies and to broaden the opportunities for golfers with disability. The IGF has been consulted on the development of EDGAs strategy, and are comfortable with the actions being taken to bring all bodies representing golf for the disabled together, and know that over time this will benefit the whole of the game”.

EDGA is creating a Directory


EDGA is now committed to the development of a directory of associations/bodies working with and for golfers with disability.

If you are aware of any credible organisation that is working in this area, please enter the information using the comment link above.

All that we need is the name of the association, a contact person, telephone number, email address, website URL and a single paragraph on how the association is helping to raise awareness of golf for the disabled.