Charles-Henri Quélin

Charles-Henri Quélin played just one EDGA tournament in 2014, winning the EDGA Algarve Open at Vila Sol and finishing in 16th position on the 2014 ranking.

In this interview for, Charles Henri Quélin tells us how he started play, some of his highlights playing golf at a high level, how he enjoys playing in tournaments for golfers with disability and shares his advice for people with impairment wishing to start playing golf.

Five Minutes with Charles-Henri Quélin

by Tony Bennett, November 2014

I am Charles-Henri Quélin, I am from France, I live in Paris, my home club is Saint-Non-la-Bretèche where they used to have the Lancôme Trophy, so it’s quite famous. All the big names like Palmer, Jack Nicklaus all came.

I had the luck that my Father live on the golf course, so I start to play golf when I was young. I start to play right handed because I have a disabled with my right arm, it’s really shorter than my left arm. So Cécilia Mourgue d’Algue, she is very famous and she told me one day when I was very young, OK what’s your problem, with your left arm, with your right arm? So she say, so maybe should try to play left, because your left arm is really longer than your right arm, so it could be easier to play like this, instead of when you will grow up it will be really difficult. So I decide to change after many operations, like they tried to make it longer and finally I start again in left, so I keep my putting in right. And because I have been working my golf hard, I could be able to play for the National team [France], like with name like Grégory Havret, with kind of people like that for four years so. So now I just joined the, because I am 38 years old so I joined the disabled golfers for three years now. I still have some tournaments with valid golfers, but I really enjoy the spirit. I think that it’s amazing to see like people to play golf with big big handicaps, so I really have a good time, every time I play a tournament of disabled golfers it’s impressive.

I had the luck to play tournaments of golf like Open French Open, Lancôme Trophy or even the Open of Brasil, which is professional, but it’s nice to play these kind of tournaments because you see things that you can’t believe. So I really have a good time every time I play with all of those guys, it’s really good fun, and I like the spirit, everybody is like come on and they are putting everybody in the same, the love of golf you know, so it’s not because you have a problem of leg or, just having fun to play and it’s a game so your having fun, it’s good.

What is your best golfing highlight so far?

I would say, I have a very good souvenir of, well we finished third once in Italy in 2000 [1999]. I like to play golf by team you know, it’s really good fun, like the Ryder Cup, you can see the guys it’s so emotion. And we finished third the the European Championship and so it was really a good souvenir, a good souvenir. And I would say for my favourite golf course, I played one British Amateur in the North of Ireland in Royal County Down and it was a very good souvenir of this course, it was tough, I think that Simon Dyson won the qualifying, qualification and I think that it was Graham Storm who won the tournament this year.

What advice would you give to someone with an impairment who would like to start playing golf?

Well I would say that maybe to check on the website, it depends on what is the problem, and to compare his problem with a problem that a guy that is playing disabled golfer and how does he do, and it depends if the problem is with the legs or the arms, or I don’t know but I would say that there is still a solution. You have to find it, by yourself for sure, but you can have a look, how do they do. So perseverance and to believe in it, and I am sure that you can still, OK if you don’t have any arms it’s not easy, but if you can take the club, it’s OK, you will find a solution.



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