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International Austrian Championship for Golfer with

Disabilities 2016

EDGA Access Event  -  July 11 to 13 2016
Closing Date: Friday July 01

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Online Entry  
NB: For players who have never joined a tournament in Austria click here


Practice day
1st round
Final round


GC Montfort Rankweil, A-6830 Rankweil, Kirchstr. 70,

Phone: +43 – 5522 – 720 00, info@golfclub.montfort.com,  www.golfclub-montfort.com

The championship is to be played over 36 holes as a gross competition for the title of Austrian International und National Champion for Ladies and Men. In accordance with the Rules of Golf of the R & A Rules Limited and the Modifications of the Rules for Golfers with Disabilities, the ÖGV Tournament Guidelines for Golfer with Disabilities, the Conditions of Play of the Austrian Golf Association 2016 and Local Rules as approved by the Championship Committee. Usage of a ball stated in the current R & A List of Conforming Golf Balls is obligatory. Following the rules of R&A and Austrian Golf Federation Hard Card 2016 it is allowed to use Distance Measuring Devices.


All competitors must be amateur golfers in accordance with the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Limited and a handicap of – 36, 0 or better or teaching Pro’s. All players must have a confirmation of a physical disability under the guidelines of EDGA or ÖGV; be members of an affiliated Austrian or foreign golf club.

Entries will be limited to 80 golfers’ men and women with Disabilities. If entries exceed this number, players with the highest handicaps will be balloted out. There will be a reserve list for Austrian citizens only.

This tournament is also open for 20 amateur golfers without Disabilities and a handicap of -18,4 or better, to show that Golf is best sport for integration.

Montfort Das Hotel****

A 6800 Feldkirch, Galuragasse 7, www.montfort-dashotel.at,

Phone: +43 (0)5522 72189, 74799, Mail: office@montfort-dashotel.at,

Reservation directly at the hotel, Reservation Code: 208727

Entry Fees

For players with disabilities: EUR 90,--

For Players without disabilities: EUR 120,--


Monday, 11/ 07/ 2016

Practice round, Tee Time reservation: GC Montfort Rankweil, Phone: +43 5522 720 00,

Tournament registration on Monday till 6.00 p.m.

Tuesday, 12 / 07 / 2016

09:30 a.m., First championship round

Wednesday, 13 / 07 / 2016

09:30 a.m., Final championship round


Your entry at registration tool of Austrian Golf Federation: http://oegv.anmeldesystem.com (not ready)

No Phone Calls accepted!


  1. The best gross player men and ladies receive the “Gold challenge trophy” and they are International Austrian Champion Men and Ladies 2016; Gold, silver and bronze medals

  2. The best net player men and ladies receive the “Silver challenge Trophy 2016”

  3. The best Gross Players men and ladies from Austria are Austrian Champions 2016

  4. The best Gross player in the following categories (minimum 3 players each category):

Leg: International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 1

Arm: International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 2

Blind: International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 3

Wheelchair: International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 4

Other Disabilities with physical limitations on golf swing:
International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 5

Other Disabilities without physical limitations on golf swing:  
International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 6

Mental:   International Austrian Champion 2016 – Category 7

Players without Disabilities: extra prizes from Sponsors for best three cross players

Disabled Committee will be responsible for organizing and running the competition in cooperation with ÖGV Championship Committee and EDGA Sport Committee; the Committee reserves the right to amend the conditions of play.

Organizer, Tournament Office and Ruling


Championship Committee, 2016