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May 2015

It is with sadness that we report, after a long illness the passing of Björn Botold. Björn died at home on the 16th May at age 58.

During the late 90's Björn Botold built HandiGolf Operations in one of the golf district associations. He played on the tour and he was passionate for all persons with any kind of disability to start playing golf. The Swedish Golf Federation noticed his genuine interest in the nonprofit leadership and quickly he came into SGF HandiGolf group. In the year 2000 he was responsible for the spread of golf for the disabled through the districts  into the golf clubs. He was Chairman of the group from 2005 until 2010.

Helena Brobeck of the HandiGolf group, commented, “Björn meant a lot both as a friend and colleague. Almost every day during 10 years he and I talked. He was a warm person who never put himself in the center, but instead always highlighted others. Björn has always worked in the voluntary sector. He was easy to work with, a joyful person and had always laughs and great talent as chairman. He loved life and loved to create comfort between people, an enormous social skill”. Björn was the project manager for several international competitions in Sweden, even as recently as in August 2014 at the GolfUppsala, Söderby golf.

Helena verbalised the sentiments of many of Björns friends in golf around Europe, when she said, “Björn demonstrated a tremendous commitment from the breadth of his activities in our golf clubs, to the development of international competitions. HIs positive ways and his fighting spirit, will always be a living, and good memory of a close friend, although right now it feels sad. We miss you!”.