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Not until the last putt, on the last hole could we know who would win the Open de France. Thrilling from start to finish, both in the quality of play offered by the leading players and the spirit of sportsmanship and solidarity that prevailed during these two days.

All day the event took turns and with the last two holes to play, nothing had been decided. The top three players were so close until finally on the 17th hole, a difficult par 3, which played uphill with a favorable breeze only Cédric Lescut managed to par the hole while Adem and Manuel conceded a bogey.

On the equally tough 18th hole, a par 5 where successive descents and climbs interspersed with blind shots, all three players signed for a par

In short, a slight confusion reigned around the green of the 18 when the last hole had ended. No one could say for sure who had won the tournament, and moreover none of the players claimed to have won. It was not until the players completed their card recording did we learn that Cedric was the winner.

"I thought the winner was Adem says Cédric Lescut. I knew we were close with the scores. The key for me was to get back the feeling acquired during this winters training. This morning, Thomas, my caddy, said we would try to make three good shots. I made one, two, three, a few others, I hit a few bad shots too ... Achieving good shots, that's what makes me feel good. But I am happy to have won."

Cedric practiced what all professional players are constantly trying to do, namely to play regardless of the scores, which is a prerequisite for winning tournaments. Later, during the awards ceremony, the winner thanked the organization and the entire staff of the Saint-Omer Golf but also Manuel de los Santos: "I saw Manuel on TV when I was in my hospital bed and it was he who inspired me and allowed me to be who I am today. "

Solidarity and fighting spirit go hand

Those who were able to follow the players on the course were struck by the profound solidarity that unites handigolfers. Throughout their journey, they encourage each other, welcome and comfort themselves if necessary. These are all signs that it is difficult to see on the professional or amateur tournaments where high-level competition and individualism prevail.

This does not mean that the spirit of competition was absent this weekend on the fairways of Saint-Omer. Quite the contrary. For proof, it was enough to see the sad face, certainly a very disappointed Adem Wahbi. "I'm the biggest loser of the day, lamented the young Belgian. This morning I was three shots ahead and I did not win! But no one is dead, I'm still alive and have a beautiful life! It's true that I wanted to win at all costs, I wanted since last year already. For me, the Open de France is our US Masters ! "

But everyone knows that, with very few exceptions, the Masters is rarely earned at either the first or the second attempt. At only 16 years old Adem therefore still has time to achieve this. "I am more sad for Adem that happy for me, added Cédric Lescut. We  are really friends. "

Last year's winner, Mathieu Cauneau has still won the title of champion of France which was awarded on this occasion. Mathieu congratulated the first in the ranking of a tournament played in very difficult conditions, in very British conditions with wind and rain throughout most of the day.

The overall performance of the French players was rather average as was recognized by their coach, Frédéric Cupillard. "They all played in appalling conditions, for sure, but what I saw only confirms what we already knew ..." he left unanswered. "Yes, I know, we have to work much," concluded Aurélien Lacour player but also one of the organizers of the tournament.

Upon delivery of many awards from categories, Jean-Jacques Durant, club president, announced that the Open de France Handigolf would be played again in Saint-Omer the next three years. The golfing exploits will continue so that fans can see here Helly Vincent, who had the best score of the day 79 shots, only 6 shots above par, a performance also made by Manuel de los Santos. Jean-Jacques Durant wished to clarify that Vincent started golf at St. Omer, only five and a half years ago.

Another feat, came from Berenice Thiran who managed an eagle on the par 4 tenth hole. Flashes Before Your Eyes? Yes and no! The 27 years old Belgian player had already managed the same thing the day before! "On Saturday it was with a 52 degrees wedge and today it was a stroke played with a 7 iron against the wind, she cautions. But I think it's lucky, "she says again. Statistics lovers will probably search their archives with great attention to find other cases of two eagles on the same hole at the same competition. But one thing is certain remarked Jean-François, the youngest of Berenice, "It costs less to make two eagles on a par 4 that two holes in one! "

Tournament Report
by Ben Evans

Lescut, playing from a handicap of +1, was always one of the favourites to win this second championship of the EDGA Tournament Series 2015. However, the Belgian, with rounds of 81 and 80 and a total of 161, was battled all the way by 5-handicappers Manuel de Los Santos (83, 79) of the Dominican Republic, and Adem Wahbi (78, 84) of Belgium, who both finished the event a single stroke behind Cedric on 162.  
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Winners Interview

In this interview Cedric Lescut, the winner of the event at  Aa Saint-Ormer talks with EDGA’s Manon Eggermont

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Event Report - Handigolf French Open 2015

Photo:Jean Louis Aragon (FFGolf) - Article translated from the ffgolf.org website   -   view original article

Cédric Lescut takes revenge

May 1-3 Aa Saint-Ormer Golf Club at Acquin-Westbécourt in France


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Second last year behind Matthew Cauneau, the Belgian player Cedric Lescut took revenge on his two main rivals, Adem Wahbi, leader the day before and the Dominican Manuel de los Santos, the second tie to win the second edition of Open de France Handigolf played in Saint-Omer.

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Round-1 Interview

One of the players, Monique Kalkman talks about the first days golf at Aa Saint-Ormer with EDGA’s Manon Eggermont

Unfortunately Monique had to drop out of the 2nd day because of mechanical problems with her paragolfer.