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The R4GD Pass
(previously the EDGA Medical Pass)

Every player who wants to participate in an EDGA managed tournament or would like their scores to be included in the R4GD world rankings has to be approved for an R4GD Pass. To qualify for an R4GD Pass, your disability has to have an influence on your golf game, as subscribed in the “definitions of impairments”.

To obtain an R4GD Pass
Print the “EDGA Assessment Form” and ask your medical doctor or physiotherapist to complete it in accordance with the instructions and send it to the nearest EDGA medical classifier.

Eligibility Criteria

We’re here to help
Should you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EDGA head of classifications as detailed below:

Jan Esser, PT

Brebdenbachweg 12

9450 Altstaetten


Tel: +41 71 7554021

jan.esser@bluewin.ch en