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EVENT REPORT - Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers 2016

EVENT REPORT - Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers 2016


Christian Nachtwey, Richard Kluwen, director general of The Mail Company José Manuel Castellví and Sebas Lorente.

Richard Kluwen has been declared the winner of the EDGA-Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers

The tournament reserved for golfers in wheelchairs which was held on 20 and 21 April at the Club Terramar of Sitges. This year, the rain and bad weather have attracted much more attention than the participants, forcing delays with the competition and reducing it to 15 holes.

The Dutchman has won by a single point in front of Sebas Lorente, tournament promoter and winner in the Handicap category. Kluwen was the favourite and did not disappoint. The Dutchman started second at the start of the final day with two points behind the provisional leader, the German Christian Nachtwey, and delivered a partial second of 11 points to prevail in the category Scratch with 26 in total and one ahead of Sebas Lorente, second place. Nachtwey has finished third with 22 points.

Participants in this third edition of EDGA-Terramar Wheelchair Open for Golfers (which takes the baton from the old ECWG-European Challenge for Wheelchair Golfers) have not had it easy. It should be noted that after the strong wind blew in through Terramar complicating the first day, intense and incessant rain fell throughout the morning of the final round and forced a delay with the competition for two hours. Also because of the amount of accumulated water, the round was reduced to just 15-holes as 3, 9 and 10 became inaccessible without diving equipment.

Sebas Lorente has been awarded the first prize in the Handicap category with a result of 32 points from the first round bringing a final total of 64 surpassing the German Christian Nachtwey by one with Ulli Estermann at third with 58 points