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EVENT REPORT - German International Disabled Championship 2017

EVENT REPORT - German International Disabled Championship 2017

Celebrating the end of a fantastic tournament


Event report by Ben Evans of Cutting Edge Golf

The German International Disabled Championship at Golf & Country Club Hamburg welcomed 65 players from Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Denmark and Finland. The atmosphere was said to be excellent throughout and the competition a great success, and a real credit to the German Golf Association. Well done to all the staff, volunteers and of course the players, plus thanks to the host club, Golf & Country Club Hamburg, for their warm welcome to all.


Reinhard Friske has won the men’s event in the German International Disabled Championship, following rounds of 79 and 76 at Golf & Country Club Hamburg. The EDGA registered player (pictured with his trophy) was in top form in the second round today to win by six shots; day two played in sunny conditions with just one shower.


Afterwards Reinhard said he was very grateful that such a great tournament was organised in Germany and he hoped to see more international players at the event in the future.


Ursula Paula Mielke-Salzmann has been victorious today in the women’s category of the German International Disabled Championship at Golf & Country Club Hamburg. In a fine display, Ursula (pictured alongside men’s winner Reinhard Friske) compiled rounds of 78 and 82 to win by five shots from the field.


The players were cheered on by family members and other spectators and the atmosphere was excellent. Well played again to all the 65 players who took part.


More Information from the German Golf Association and photos-1 with photos-2

Pascal Ferreira Schramm

Jens Maspfuhl

EDGA Results and Ranking


All Results






Pascal Ferreira Schramm, Reinhard Friske proudly holding his trophy and Timo Klischan

Ursula Mielke-Salzmann with men’s winner Reinhard Friske

GROSS RESULTS - All results can be viewed on the German Golf Association website

Player Country Round-1 Round-2 Totals
Friske, Reinhard Walter Germany 79 76 155
Mielke-Salzmann, Ursula Germany 78 82 160
Ferreira Schramm, Pascal Germany 77 84 161
Klischan, Timo Germany 85 80 165
Sråga, Jennifer Germany 83 82 165
Sülli, Andreas Germany 82 83 165
Pegau, Katharina Germany 85 83 168
Gonzalez Podbicanin, Amelie Paloma Germany 86 85 171
Gavez, Marjan Slovenia 83 89 172
Heitmann, Jörg Germany 90 83 173
Clemens, Michael Germany 88 85 173
Korthäuer, Hartmut Germany 86 87 173
Bagnarelli, Jose France 94 86 180
Baron, Jan Erik Germany 88 94 182
Haustein, Peter Germany 87 96 183
Wolk, Hans Jürgen Germany 93 96 189
Biganzoli, Leon Thobe Germany 100 91 191
Pellny, Jutta Germany 96 96 192
Sundt, Martio Germany 102 91 193
Cappellazzo, Rodolfo Italy 96 97 193
Algarve, Paulo Germany 95 99 194
Dort, Wolfgang Germany 98 100 198
Hopen, Thomas Germany 98 100 198
Ahrens, Wilfried Germany 103 96 199
Berge, Wolfgang zum Germany 104 97 201
Danneberg, Dieter Germany 106 102 208
Wolk, Sebastian Germany 111 101 212
Maspfuhl, Jens Germany 115 101 216
Jorgensen, Deaf Morten Denmark 100 NR 100

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